Questions about RPL

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about our specialised RPL service. To gain a better understanding on matters of eligibility, compiling your evidence and qualification processes, click on the questions below to view your answer.

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accredify is not an RTO. We enter into partnership agreements with Australian RTOs and conduct training and assessment services on their behalf. The RTO conducts a full review of the RPL assessment undertaken by accredify and issues the Nationally Recognised Qualification, if successful, at the end.

RTO stands for Registered Training Organisation. An RTO is required to conform to the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012 which is administered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This ensures that the standard of training and assessment provided by RTOs meets the expected vocational benchmarks.

If you work for a family business you can ask a family member to provide a reference, however this must include a Statutory Declaration that is signed by a Justice of the Peace.

Where possible, you should attempt to obtain additional references and testimonials from industry colleagues so that you are able to avoid any "conflict of interest" senarios. The more additional references, the better. 

An Industry Training Package. All RTOs use the same Training Packages throughout Australia so Qualifications are recognised in all States and Territories, and conform to the same Competency requirements. Therefore if you ever move states, your issued qualifications is recognised.

Training Packages list the Units of Competency (industry standards) that must be achieved for an individual to be deemed competent and issued with a Qualification.

By having your industry experience verified with a Nationally Recognised Qualification, you can prove that you can be relied upon to meet the standards and expectations of the business. Managers are reassured by industry experience, so your chances for career advancement and promotion will greatly improve. 

Training Packages are nationally endorsed and integrated sets of Competency Standards, Assessment Guidelines and AQF Qualifications for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise. A Training Package specifies the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the workplace.

Once the RPL Assessment has been completed, the application will be lodged with the RTO for processing. The time period for having the Qualification issued by the RTO is generally 2 - 4 weeks

If you have completed prior education and have received Qualifications that are recognised in Australia, you could be eligible for Direct Credit Transfer. The units need to match and be the exact same to receive merit for this. If the codes differ then it can still be used but only as supporting evidence. 

This is the recognition of any current Australian Qualifications that you have completed. Qualifications that have been attained through previous studies provide important evidence to support your application. When Qualifications are issued by an RTO, they will include an Academic Transcript providing a full listing of all Units of Competency that were successfully completed.

Assessors will review the Units and wherever possible, "credit transfers" will be applied. If you have previously completed units that are included in the Qualification you are seeking via RPL, you will not need to complete these and you will be immediately deemed competent. Remeber they have to match. Then you only have to provide evidence for the remaining units to complete the Qualification.

Many industry skills are recognised worldwide. If the evidence can be verified as legitimate and valid, it can be used as evidence for RPL. Some Qualifications contain compliance and legislative requirements that are unique to Australia, hence you will need to prove that you have relevant experience in these fields to be eligible for RPL. Evidence must be in English, or translated.

The Direct Credit Transfer process cannot be completed unless you have the Qualifications verified by Australian Education International (AEI). This is the Australian Government organisation that assesses higher education, post-secondary, technical and vocational overseas Qualifications.

The Assessor can take your overseas Qualifications into consideration if they are not assessed by AEI, but you will need to provide a copy of the Academic Transcript with the subjects that were covered during your studies.

When reviewing your evidence, the assessor must be able to verify the subject material covered in the overseas Qualification to evaluate its relevance and validity.

Competency verifies that an applicant has developed a level of skill, knowledge and understanding to meet benchmark standards in the industry. This would mean that they are able to adequately and successfully perform daily duties and meet responsibilities of a specific role in the work environment. These benchmarks are defined in the Units of Competency within the Training Package for each Nationally Recognised Qualification.

accredify are well aware of the issues that RPL applicants have with supplying documentation that can be subject to confidentiality constraints with their current and previous employers. It is a requirement for assessors of the RTO to review specific work examples to determine Competency.

Additionally, all confidential references can be redacted/removed. This includes:

· personal names

· financial figures and

· confidential references

As part of our terms and conditions for RPL, we state that all information and documentation supplied as evidence is kept strictly confidential. It is only used for the purposes of completing the RPL assessment and for the RTO to review evidence and issue the Qualifications.

We can also sign "Non Disclosure Agreements" if required, to give your employer the confidence that we take Intellectual Property issues seriously and would never cause a business to suffer commercial hardship due to the sharing of confidential data.

Evidence for RPL be sent via a secure dropbox. We have secure portals so that personal documentation, such as ID and private documents, can be sent via encrypted online file-sharing and uploading systems. This ensures privacy, confidentiality and integrity of information submitted.

When Applicants are unable to provide enough supporting evidence to verify Competency in all units in the Qualification, they may need to complete some form of “Gap Training". Compentency conversations can also take place if required. 

This is generally not required, however it may be requested. If an Assessor has any doubts about the validity or authenticity of documentation or evidence submitted, a Statutory Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace will need to be included with the RPL Application.

RPL doesn't require any class based study to obtain a Nationally Recognised Qualification. It is a verification of your experience, knowledge and skills that have been developed in the workplace throughout your career. You will still be issued with a Qualification, but in a much quicker timeframe than completing a course and studying what you already know. Plus you will save money as RPL is a fraction of the cost of studying.

By using RPL to obtain a Qualification, you will not be required to take time off work attending classes, you will not be required to study subjects that you are already experienced in, you will save money on course fees and RPL can be conducted in your own time at your own pace.

RPL through accredify is cheaper than studying a full course for a number of reasons. The main factor is that we have comprehensive streamlined systems for conducting a review and assessment of your career experience. We do not have to employ trainers to conduct class or work based study as you would have already gained these skills in the workplace. We are simply conducting a review of the evidence that you submit to check if it meets the Competency requirements of the Training Package for each Qualification.

You will be required to provide personal information that can be used for communication and correspondence during the RPL process. This includes name, address, contact details and other specific information used to determine that you are the actual person who is completing the Qualification.

This information is essential as part of the requirements for meeting the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012.

To determine your identity, you will be required to supply 100 points of ID which can be sent to us via our secure online file-sharing system. This ID will also be provided to the RTO and kept securely in their records database. No personal information will ever be supplied to a third party without your prior consen

accredify are committed to maintaining and safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of RPL Applicant information in accordance with the Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner requirements and in conformance with the Privacy Act 1988.

accredify have documented procedures that are implemented into our daily operations to assure integrity and privacy of all personal information submitted as part of the RPL process.

Applicants will be required to complete Enrolment and Declaration Forms for the RTO that will issue your Nationally Recognised Qualification. These forms gather personal information on the applicant that is used for communications and correspondence.

Simply give us a call or submit an online enquiry and will be contact you. Once we have discussed your work history and goals in more detail you can begin your journey into becoming qualified.